HTC One: How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode ? Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system (OS). It can also refer to a mode of operation by application software.

Safe mode is intended to fix most  problems within an operating system. It is also used for removing rogue security software.

HTC one Safe mode is a great tool by the help of which you can use to troubleshoot any mobility issues. Safe mode boots your phone and only runs the apps which came with your new mobile phone.

Which means that there are  no third-party apps in safe mode. Here is how to enter and get out of safe mode.

Enter HTC one M7 “Safe Mode”

In order to enter safe mode:

Step 1: Briefly Press  Power Button

Step 2: Tap and hold power off Button

Step 3: Tap Restart

Step 4: Now Turn On your Phone

  • The Phone will now enter the safe mode and you will see “safe mode” written on th left bottom corner of your HTC One screen.

Screenshot_HTC One: How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode

Exit HTC One Safe Mode

To turn off or exit HTC one M7 Safe Mode

Step 1: Turn off your phone.

Step 2: Now hold and press both “Power and vol+” button until the “HTC Quietly Brilliant” screen Shows.

Step 3: And Press Power Button (Only single press – Do not  press and hold)

Your HTC One should now be no longer in Safe Mode. :D