How to Share Mobile Internet Connection for free? Hotspot 

Now Share mobile Internet connection among all your devices freely with tethering or hotspot. Hotspot refers to connecting one device to another. One can use mobile internet with a laptop or PC or other device.

Tethering : Share Mobile Internet Connection for Free

Hotspot allows to share a mobile internet connection of the Mobile phone or tablet with other devices such as laptops and Mobile phones. Available on all Smartphones like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm OS.

Internet Connection of the phone or tablet with other devices can be done over wireless LAN (wifi), over Bluetooth or through USB.

If tethering is done over WI-Fi, the feature may be branded as a Mobile Hotspot. The Internet-connected mobile device can thus act as a portable wireless access point and router for devices connected to it.

One can connect more than one device. It can be either laptop or mobile phone or tab.

How to Share Mobile internet connection for free?

How to turn on HotSpot?

Firstly turn on Portable wifi hotspot on your device.

  •  Go to Setting< Wireless & networks < Mobile Network sharing and More < and Turn on the Portable wifi hotspot.
  • To check or  change your hotspot password Go to Portable wifi hotspot setting. 

And now to start using  internet on the other device 

Go to setting < Wireless & networks < Turn on the wifi < Select available network

The device will ask for the password ( set by the sharing device ). Enter the password and save. Your Device is now ready to use the internet for free.

The Hot Spot and Tethering options are available on all Smartphone Mobile handsets like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, iPad, iPhone 4,  iPhone 5,  iPhone4S, iPad etcetra.

Share PC Internet With Android Device Via Wifi